2018 Paint Trend – Timber & Paint Combo

2018 has seen two new trends when it comes to funiture painting and upcycling.

The first one is the use of raw timber in the piece, that may have been stripped of it’s original varnish or painted coating.

What’s amazing about this style is the transformation an item takes when it’s finished.

And I love it.

My Savvy Furniture Painter friends have kindly posted their refinished timber / paint items. You can click through to their pages on each image.

It’s classy, and very easy on the eye. Dispensing with the shabby distressed look, these items are typically a refinished paint perfection.

Timber sanded back to raw form and then finished with an oil, oil stain or other stains is very popular right now and not likely to be a ‘fad’ finish that goes out of style anytime soon. I think we will see this around for a few years to come and it’s just getting started.

Virtually every colour looks fantastic in this style of finish. The most popular colours of this season so far being black, blue, aqua and pink – with all shades to match.

And it’s not just an Australian thing. Whilst many of my Aussie furniture painter friends are keen on this refinish, it’s just as popular in the UK and America.

I’m really loving this trend, and look forward to seeing many more items refinished like this.

This one below I love.  When I first moved up to the Sunshine Coast I put the call out for a few days helping someone on the brush, and Yvonne put her hand up. Literally minutes away, we spent time transforming this beauty to what she is today.

Unfortunately due to the sheer number of pics posted by my savvy furniture painter friends I couldn’t put them all in this blog post, however, you can see some beautiful timber/paint transformations on this facebook post here