2018 Paint Trend – Paint & Wallpaper

This second trend is just as exciting as the first, with a wallpaper/paint combo being used.

Typically renewed with the aquas and mints (ok so I have a fascination with both these colours), this paint style is far from shabby or distressed preferring a more precise refinish.

Popular wallpapers that appeal to a wide crowd have been used, mostly with birds and florals, some damask and others. Pinks, blues, greens and reds are all eye catching.

There is nothing quite like coming home, and really enjoying the feels that this furniture brings.

Did I just say feels? Really?

OK, so the smile it brings.

This technique has been used with all kinds of paint, mostly chalk, milk and mineral paint. In fact whatever paint you prefer is a great choice.

Then there is the wallpaper. That’s another tutorial altogether.

Let’s have a different colour now.  Damask, it’s fantastic and one of my other favourite colours.  From Revamp, Reuse, Upcycle.

And this fabulous coral piece from Sweet Serendipity

I hope you have enjoyed this finishes as much I continue to do.


And from Lucy at Upcycled Beauty from Messes below