2018 Furniture Trend – Deconstructed Furniture

The furniture trend I’m talking about is a lot less refinished than the typical reupholstered or paint finishes than we are used to.

Exactly that, it is about ‘deconstructed’ furniture.

Literally, chairs, couches, and chaises down to their hessian bones on display.

I first came across this trend when I visited Bowral in June. Visiting Dirty Janes Vintage Warehouse, I discovered just how much I LOVED this look.

As far as I know, this is a European import that is catching on fast here in Australia.

Not always for functional use, these items are purely eye candy. They can be sat on, it all depends on how bare or stripped back it is. Rustic, rough around the edges and making the heart beat, if I had my own place right now there would be purchases made.

Then there is the perfect deconstruction. Fully functional, not a hessian hair out of place, all tucked in. Personally I love the items that are a bit more rough.

While some go all out and have a whole lounge setting deconstructed, I like just one item. Nothing too big or fancy, but strong enough to give my heart remember this indulgence.

And one last one.

And a few weeks ago when I unpacked my shipping container, remembered I had this one in my stash.  Ready to go, just need to choose some coverings for her. Thinking the blossom pringt below!